Excursions in Regensburg

Around the Posthotel Donaustauf

Here you get some important information about the sights of Regensburg

Chinese Tower

The Chinese Tower in the Donaustauf castle gardens is an interesting relic from the time of the princes of Thurn and Taxis at the beginning of the 19th century.

The Donaustauf Castle burned down completely during the great market fire in 1880 – the wooden construction of the tower in the east of the Prince’s Garden, however, remained intact. In 1899, the princely family Thurn and Taxis took the tower to Prüfening Castle, which they had bought as a summer residence. 

The tower was completely restored after the formation of the Förderverein Chinesischer Turm e. V. [Chinese Tower Association]. The Chinese Tower was inaugurated in the Prince’s Garden on 17th September 1999 and has been visited and admired since then.

Liberation Hall (Befreiungshalle) near Kelheim

The Liberation Hall has sat above the town of Kelheim atop the Michelsberg since 1863 and is a memorial to the victorious battles against Napoleon in the Wars of Liberation 1813 - 1815. 18 colossal statues crown the buttresses of the outer façade of the historical building. 

You can master the steep ascent to the Liberation Hall with the blue and white mini-train - the Ludwigsbahn -... and incidentally pick up interesting information about the hill, the region and the town. 

Along with the Liberation Hall, Kelheim offers other sights such as the Old Town Hall, the Deutsche Hof, the Erasmus Tower and the Danube Gate. A trip to Kelheim can certainly be recommended.

Nepal-Himalaya Pavilion

Near the World Heritage Site Regensburg, the Walhalla and the Danube, in the middle of a shrub garden with many species a fascinating Nepalese temple awaits you. The 5-hectare park features over 4500 different shrubs and bushes, of which 442 come from the Himalayas. Wend your way at leisure through the species-rich garden and let the beauty take its effect.

The temple consists half each of Buddhist stupa and Hindu temple and symbolises the peaceful co-existence of two religions. Immerse yourself in Buddhist and Hindu theories and mythology and enjoy the charm of fascinating carvings and symbols.

Other Excursion Destinations:

  • Donaustauf Castle Ruins
    Not far from thd Posthotel are the interesting ruins of Donaustauf Castle. Let yourself get taken off to the times of the knights and princes with an interesting visit.
  • Straubing Zoo
    The only zoo in East Bavaria. Admire lions, crocodiles and indigenous wild animals.
  • Lohberg Animal Park
    Experience animals and the wild up close. See over 400 different indigenous animals.
  • Bad Abbach Kaisertherme
    Treat yourself to a break. Dive into the thermal spa with sauna area and leave the everyday stresses behind.
  • Abensberg Bird Park
    you will not just find indigenous bird species like pheasants and eagle owls in the bird park, but also more exotic types like parrots or rheas.
  • Bavarian Forest National Park
    The oldest national park is in the Bavarian Forest in the district of Neuschönau. Here you can admire the wildlife enclosure and the longest treetop walk in the world with a 44-metre high "Tree Egg".
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