Wellness Area at the Posthotel

A place to switch off and recharge
Bio-sauna & Finnish Sauna
Saunabereich Forsters

The bio-sauna is a gentler version of the Finnish sauna. The room temperature in the bio-sauna is only about 60 degrees, whereas in the Finnish sauna it is up to 90 degrees.

The sauna area exudes a particularly pleasant and cosy atmosphere through the generous use of mature spruce and quarry stone.

The saunas are not just health-promoting and good for the skin, but also a blessing for your body, spirit and soul because of the alternation between sweating and cooling.

Relaxation Room and Outside Area
Ruheraum Forsters

The relaxation room in the new wellness area is bright and flooded with light.

Traditional natural quarry stone elements and indigenous wood such as oak and spruce dominate in the new premises and fill them with calm and cosy flair.

Wrap up in your bathrobe on one of the comfortable loungers, close your eyes and let a feeling of pleasant relaxation flow through you.

Steam Room
Dampfbad Wellnessbereich

The damp steam room has a positive effect on skin and airways. The ancient Romans and Greeks valued the healing effect and beneficial power of the steam room.

The steam room regulates blood pressure, helps with joint and rheumatic complaints, cleans the pores and rejuvenates the skin.

Enjoy the deep relaxation in the pleasant temperatures of our steam room and feel the everyday stress melt away.

Fitness Room
Fitnessraum Forsters

"Mens sana in Corpore Sano!"

Our fitness room with the most modern fitness machines is available to you to ensure a healthy mind in a healthy body. Use the opportunity to really work up a sweat in the company of like-minded people and enjoy the nice feeling afterwards!

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