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Welcome to Donaustauf’s Posthotel, where warm service meets rich heritage! Indulge in an extraordinary getaway accentuated by stellar services and contemporary convenience.

Nestled on the Danube River bank, Posthotel Donaustauf provides a unique respite enveloped in dramatic beauty with the backdrop of the Bavarian Forest. As your host, traditional care is intermingled with current comforts to give you an experience that will stay fresh in your memories.

Our hospitality offers more than just an inviting atmosphere and top-notch service. Expect rooms adorned tastefully providing panoramic views of our natural surroundings. Our dedicated staff aims not only to serve but also to ensure you have a pleasant sojourn by paying attention to minutiae through tailored service.

Donaustauf’s Posthotel isn’t merely an oasis for relaxation; it serves as a suitable launchpad for sundry pursuits too! Its strategic location near Regensburg’s historic city lets you embark on discovering iconic cultural treasures. Alternatively, you can relish nature walks and hiking expeditions into the picturesque Bavarian forest located nearby—an ideal treat for those respecting nature!

You can please your palate at our upscale on-site restaurant serving local delicacies alongside international cuisines—our welcoming bar sets up just about right ambiance for laidback evenings. To wind down post hectic days or schedule business events conveniently, we offer serene wellness spaces and functional conference rooms respectively.

Position yourself either considering a professional requirement or prospecting leisure time—the welcome remains waited-for always at Donaustauf’s Posthotel! Step into bewitchingly beautiful realms merging old-world charm with today’s trends encapsulated amidst settings urging one ‘to linger longer.’ Surrounded by sincere hospitality replete with various modern facilities propelling memorable stays—Dare resist this pull?!